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NoOp glgxg at
Wed Aug 1 19:17:54 UTC 2007

On 08/01/2007 11:26 AM, norman wrote:
> O
>> > I have been trying to find a list detailing the meaning of the various
>> > icons used with no success. Some are obvious and some are not. For
>> > example, I want to open a file and I am refused. When I look at the file
>> > in the folder it has a lock on it. OK, the meaning may be obvious but
>> > where can I find out what I need to do to open the file? I tried sudo
>> > but that did not appear to work.
>> the lock means that only the administrator of the computer can run it.
>> you can open the terminal, then type "sudo su" then enter the 
>> administrator password
>> then through the terminal access the file.
> I tried using sudo su and the su was rejected. I tried just sudo again
> and again the file would not open. The error quoted was #-2. Does that
> help.
> Norman

>From a terminal:

gksudo nautilus
Note: you can also use gksu.

That will prompt you for your user password and open nautilus in sudo
mode. Careful what you do in this mode as you now are able to run
admin/root files, delete them, etc., etc.

You didn't mention what you wanted to open the file in. However, if for
instance you want to open the file in text editor, and be able to modify
it, use gksu gedit filename, and that will open the file in admin/root
mode. Again _be careful_ what you do here - make a backup before
modifying any files in this mode.

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