meaning of icons

norman norman at
Wed Aug 1 18:15:05 UTC 2007

> > I have been trying to find a list detailing the meaning of the various
> > icons used with no success. Some are obvious and some are not. For
> > example, I want to open a file and I am refused. When I look at the file
> > in the folder it has a lock on it. OK, the meaning may be obvious but
> > where can I find out what I need to do to open the file? I tried sudo
> > but that did not appear to work.
> >
> >   
> the lock means that only the administrator of the computer can run it.
> you can open the terminal, then type "sudo su" then enter the 
> administrator password
> then through the terminal access the file.

Right I will try that.
> Besides, what file are you trying to open?

It is a file stored in var/lib/mythtv/recordings and is a recording of a
television broadcast. The odd thing is that the file opens, with out a
murmur, in Avidemux for example. I am trying to access it using
mytharchivehelper in order to extract a single frame.


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