thanks and a q. re avahi

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Aug 1 14:49:01 UTC 2007

Karl Auer wrote:

> Thank you to all those who relieved my anxiety about port 2208 :-)
> A new question: I have the avahi daemon running. I have zero interest in
> zero-conf, so I went to de-install it, only to find that seemingly every
> package in Christendom depends on it and will be removed as well -
> including little things like ubuntu-desktop!

Been there, done that, finally gave up and let it run.  It's worse
than "zero interest", it actually interferes with some things.  With avahi
and friends running, if I am not connected to a network I can't use either
kmail or konqueror to connect to "localhost".  Now, I just put in the wifi
card even if I have no interest in connecting to the net, just so that I
can read mail from my local IMAP server.
> It seems a waste of RAM to have it running (well, I can always stop the
> daemon running) and a waste of space to have the binaries on my hard
> disk.
> Why is avahi so deeply embedded in everything?

Someone thought it was a good idea.

btw, "ubuntu-desktop" _is_ a little thing and of practically no consequence
if removed.

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