my windows/linux network

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Wed Aug 1 08:53:38 UTC 2007

Brian McKee wrote:
> On 31/07/07, cj <debiani386 at> wrote:
>> Brian McKee wrote:
>>> On 31/07/07, cj <debiani386 at> wrote:
>>> Can you just clairfy - Windows XP Home? 98? 3.1? 2K?
>> xp home
>>> And how do you log in when the Windows machine is powered up?  Click a
>>> name? or does it log directly into Windows without a log in page?
>> and it logs in directly w/o login page (boy that sounds like a secure
>> server dont it? :P )
> OK - so that means 'Simple File Sharing'  (I'm not a Windows expert mind you)
> Try 'Guest' and 'Guest' or 'Guest' and blank password.
> Also, IIRC (I'm used to XP Pro) you should have a user name at the top
> of the start menu still - even if it automatically logs you in.  You
> could try that username.
> Brian

I would pop up the windows startmenu. There you should see, what user
name is automatically logged in on your windows box.

Now, if this user can use all shares of the windows network from her
windows box, then THIS is the user that you should use on Konqueror when
you are asked for a user/password combination.

Now, this user either has a blank password or a password that is
automatically "given" at login on windows. When blank pw does not work
for you from linux, you will need to find out, what the password is.

Alternatively you can reset it to a new known value. This should be most
probably doable for you since perosnally I never ever saw a win XP @home
with automatic login set, where the user did not work with Admin
privileges, although the rumour is that it is surely doable. ;-))))

kind regards

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