Long Time Samba No Work-Need Expert Help On SAmba/Networking-Ahhh, Some Success

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 1 06:22:57 UTC 2007

Guess this meant for me. Even though I stated that I
wouldn't argue on my critique, I'll address your
comments just to clear up where I'm coming from.
Although I thought I made that clear.

> On Mon, 2007-30-07 at 23:45 -0700, Leonard
> Chatagnier wrote:
> > . All default setups/conf files should just work
> out
> > of the box(windows does, 
> Which Windows are you talking about here?  Many
> default Windows setups
> don't even work with other versions of Windows - and
> never was any
> concern given to working with an outside vendors
> product.....
I use WinXP Pro and the default setup just works out
of the box. I didn't have to setup/modify any conf
files. Flash player 9 installed(3rd party) flawlessly
and just works which applies to anything else I
downloaded and installed. I've used win2x, 3x, 95, 98
and XP. All but XP had their issues but XP is sweet.
So give credit where credit is due. I've never use a
home LAN before until I started using Ubuntu a few
months ago so, I'm truly network illiterate. Even
though I use windose and will someday drop it, doesn't
mean that I don't like Ubuntu or appreciate it. I do.
It's the best Linux distro I've found.

> Witness the millions of Windows help related groups
> out there.
> And work for who as a default?  There's just too
> many options to make it
> always work.  Who wants my way or the highway from
> their OS?
Well, linux user groups are out there also but I
haven't done any counting. I don't really care to
defend Microsoft but WXP Pro is probably the best
windows OS of all time probably better than Vista.
Admittedly, I'm no computer guru who tries to do any
and everything on the PC.  And I haven't spent a lot
of time trying to really learn all the capabilities of
windows.  I just want an OS that works, or reasonably
well, out of the box with internet access, word
processor, spreadsheet, etc., and now Samba with file
sharing which I never experienced before.  Your
comments about the complexities and setup difficulties
with Samba are correct and that issue led me to post
my critique and I standby my statement that samba
setup needs clarification for the unknowledgable
users. At least one other experienced user of Samba
has agreed with me.  I would like to see his problem
solved as it's bugging him as mine was.

> As for out of the box - I recently installed XP and
> Dapper on three
> different machines back to back to back - Guess
> which ones worked 'out
> of the box' and which ones didn't?  Drivers,
> licensing issues and codecs
> were all much more time consuming with XP - and then
> I had to install
> 3rd party software like antivirus products before I
> could let them loose
> on unsuspecting users....
I'm not quite with you on this. I know about
antivirus, 3rd party software such as Adobe Reader,
Flash player, security updates almost weekly, etc. But
never recalled installing windows codecs on windows.
The only drivers I had to separately install was for
my wlan Linksys WMP 54G adapter and Epson printer all
which had install CDs and the drivers work flawlessly.
 Downloading updates is comparable with Linux at least
for me as I spend most all my time on the Ubuntu
machine. I personally find more buggy programs on
Linux in general than on WinXP.
But Linux doesn't have the paid programmers that do
Mr. Gates will and I don't really enjoy defending
windows but I intend to be fair.  WXP is good.

> When you have spent years using Windows it's easy to
> mistake hard earned
> knowledge for 'easier' - the pain is often mostly
> forgotten.
No, I don't agree. I have no hard learned windows
knowledge and suggested it above. XP just works. If I
click on Word, Excel, or whatever, the program pops up
and I can start to work without having to customize

> Now on the other side of the fence Samba is a bit of
> a monster - it's

Agree 100%.

> very powerful with many many options.  It could be
> dumber - it could be
> easier - it could be set up brain dead out of the
> box - but the way it
> is you can make it do what you want - not what the
> vendor wants.
>From my viewpoint, it should work out of the box doing
what it's designed to do, which I don't think is too
hard.  Then if I want to tweak/customize it let me do
it from a functioning program that I can see the
effects of my changes.  This is my opinion, you or
anyone can't change my mind, and I feel that most
ordinary users feel the same way. 

> Better tools require more commitment to learn.
If I were still young, this would be OK. But at my
age, I've got better things to do, and I did spend
many hours(Wasted) googling, reading manuals, user
guides and just luckily found the answer with the
right keywords after many futile searches.  Still
don't know why the netbios name entry solved my
problem when another working smb.conf didn't have that
entry. Not to complain but I've spent so many
continuous hours trying to solve this problem that my
feet, ankles swole due to water retention and high
blood pressure and that's what my doctor said caused

> I've often heard the 'if you want to take over the
> world' speech - I
> think Bug#1 is b...aloney.   Who cares if Linux is
> #1?  I just want an
> OS that will do anything I can dream of....  I'm
> willing to add some
> manual reading and elbow grease to make it happen.
Windows can too if you want to pay for the software
> Brian
> PS  OK - I have a cranky baby here - so I'm probably
> overly cranky
> myself....  Sorry if this came out harsh....

Well, it's been many years since I've had a cranky
baby and working a graveyard shift trying to sleep. 
but I do remember.
No offense taken. Just expressing my opinions.  This
is probably the closest I'll come to being in a flame
They are silly. Followed many on Debian, Ubuntu and
Kubuntu flame wars and they just detract from helping
those needing it and they cease to be amusing when the
seem to just never stop.
So, lets all see if we can solve Jürgen Römer's samba
issue with varying DHCP IP's and not being able to
connect. He's probably struggled with samba
configuration even more than I and I know he's very
frustrated.  I think his problem with constantly
varying IP's on the network side of the router can be
solved as I use DHCP with constant IP that only vary
on the internet side of the router.  I just don't know
how because mine just happened. But someone out on the
list surely knows how or otherwise can help solve his
problem.  He didn't post a separate subject but did
have a fairly detailed post on my thread and I'm sure
he's still reading the list. Hey Jurgen, you might get
better response if you post your own thread.  I'm sure
someone will help.
Thanks to everyone for bearing with me on this. It
will be the last on it from me. People lacking
knowledge of Linux and it's peculiarities really
appreciate help from the user's list.  How else can we
enjoy the many benefits of Linux OS.  Thanks.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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