BitTorrent secrets

Nomen Nescio nobody at
Sat Sep 30 15:40:05 UTC 2006

> I'm using Dapper and am trying to get the hang of BitTorrent. I've tried
> a number of clients and yet my download speed seems to stay around 15
> kilobytes per second, yet my line speed is more like 200 kilobytes per
> second (a 2 meg ADSL line).
> I've set the port forwarding on my NAT router and opened appropriate
> holes in Firestarter. I can see uploads going and incoming connections
> on the BT ports (6881-6999). BitTornado reports is connecting to 20
> peers for one file!

A lot of the BT clients *don't* use the official ports by default.
Try passing them options/configs to use 6881-6999.

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