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squareyes squareyes at internode.on.net
Sat Sep 30 14:00:59 UTC 2006

J. Dolan wrote:
> I am brand new to Ubuntu.  I was able (with some help) to get Ubuntu 6.06 to recognize my Smartlink 56K voice modem.  I am currently going offline by restarting my system.  Can anyone tell me how to go offline properly?
> I told you, I am brand new, so you'll have to give me step by step instructions.
> Also, how do I install Real Player?  I downloaded it and the install instructions.  these are the instructions:
> *Installation Instructions* - Ensure that the .bin file you downloaded is executable. You can make the .bin file executable by running the "chmod a+x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin" command from a terminal window. - Run the .bin file by typing "./RealPlayer10GOLD.bin". Follow the prompts provided to finish installing the player. - When you launch the player for the first time, a set-up assistant will take you through configuring your player. - Enjoy your RealPlayer10 for Linux!
> When I open a terminal & type "chmod a+x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin", I get a message which reads "chmod: cannot access `RealPlayer10GOLD.bin': No such file or directory". 
> I am a total newbie.
> Trier36 
Hi Trier36,
if you setup your connection with pppconfig, connect with  pon  and 
disconnect with poff.
I think you may have to be in the same directory as your .bin file. If 
you downloaded it to
"Desktop" you will need in the terminal to change into Desktop directory 
first. e.g. below

squareyes at here:~$ cd Desktop/
squareyes at here:~/Desktop$

Then try chmod etc.  

Hope this is of some help.
Take Care

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