please help . . . missing xfce xubuntu desktop at boot

srafx ulist at
Fri Sep 29 19:28:20 UTC 2006

Ryan Moszynski;1469578 Wrote: 
> i installed xubuntu, but have since downloaded the kubuntu and gnome

> desktops to try them out on my machine.  I am back to using xfce.  the

> problem is that now every time i log in, in order to be able to see my

> desktop, i have to click a checkbox at:


> menu/settings/desktop settings/

> Allow Xfce to manage the desktop



> How do i set this option from default so i don't have to each time I

> start my machine?


> thanks,


> ryan


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I'm having the same problem.  In my .dmrc file It has Xfce as default,
I even choose that session at startup.  When I load it looks like its
using xfce but the wallpaper and click menus are gone.  All have to to
do is 

"menu/settings/desktop settings/

Allow Xfce to manage the desktop" that and it will work fine.  It just
wont keep that checked for startup.  I am also saving my session at
logout by default.


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