Problems installing Ubuntu

Colin Kern razael1 at
Sat Sep 30 01:50:17 UTC 2006


I've been asking a lot of questions lately because I've bought a new
laptop and am trying to get Ubuntu set up on it.  I was having
problems with the live CD for the AMD64 architecture (computer kept
freezing and/or running extremely slow after a while) and I haven't
had these problems with the x86 version, so I'm trying to install that
one.  The problem is that the installation crashes when it gets to the
point where it is installing the boot loader.  I posted about this in
the forums, but no one has responded yet and I'm impatient, so I'll
ask here, too.  My forum post is at, where I have put
the error log.  Right now I am downloading the alternate install CD,
hoping that if I choose to install GRUB to the hard drive rather than
the master boot record (which is forced during an install from the
live CD, right?) it would work.  Does this sound like a good idea?
Any other ideas?

Colin Kern

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