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Nguyễn Văn Thoại nguyenvanthoai at
Fri Sep 29 15:33:18 UTC 2006

You need to turn the router on before booting the system. I've had this
problem before. In other distro (for example: Fedora Core), we can active
the network interface while working. But in Ubuntu, you need router turned
on so that the os can detect it automatically. It you don't, the network can
be enable manually, but the DNS won't work, you can access the router/modem
via static IP. Please make sure that dhcp is on.

On 9/29/06, Andrew Baclawski <nuts11222 at> wrote:
> I'm using a Westell 327W router/modem from Verizon.I can get online in
> Xandros Linux, but not in Ubuntu.Anyone else having the same problem ?
> Greetings from NYC
> PS I hooked up my old Westell 2200 and it works fine,but it's for a single
> computer.
> thanx
> Andrew
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