New kernel can't see my hard drive

Oliver Maunder lists at
Fri Sep 29 01:25:43 UTC 2006

I'm sure I could find the answer to this on Google, but it's 2am and I wanna
go to bed.

I've just built a 2.6.16 kernel which I need to support my MP3 player. All
seems to work fine, except I can't see my 160GB drive. If I reboot to 2.6.15,
I can see the drive.

I've got 2 IDE hard disks - an 80GB master and 160GB slave. The 160GB drive
has all my music on it, so if I use 2.6.15 I can see all the music but can't
access the MP3 player, and if I use 2.6.16 I can see the MP3 player but
can't copy any music to it!

Are there any obvious kernel configuration options for large drives that I
might have missed?


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