How to reread user details

Alan McKinnon alan at
Thu Sep 28 16:37:48 UTC 2006

On Thursday 28 September 2006 10:36, Roland Turcan wrote:
> Hello ubuntu-users at!
> I am logged in as "roland" user and I add myself to new
> groups using by root's password (of course). But my user
> details doesn't have this change immediatelly after change. I
> need to log off and log on to reread them.
> Is there other way (command), how to reread them without log
> off?

You can do it for a terminal session with

su - roland
(or with whichever argument to sudo that creates a new login 
shell). There's no way I know of to do it for the entire gnome 
session so that nautilus picks it up for example.


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