Install kwrite &kate on UBUNTU 6.06

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Thu Sep 28 03:06:42 UTC 2006

Kwrite and kate are intended for use in KDE (Kubuntu), not Gnome (Ubuntu).
Gedit is the Ubuntu version. Since they are all text editors, there really
isn't much advantage of using one over the other.

Nevertheless, if you want to install one or both of them (this applies to
instaling pretty muh everything in Ubuntu), go to System > Administration >
Synaptic Package Manager, and do a search for what you want. Note that
installing kwrite or kate will pull in a huge amount of extra KDE
dependencies, so unless you want to actually use KDE (in which case you
should install kubuntu-desktop), you should just stick with gedit.

On 9/27/06, umair ubuntu <umairubuntu at> wrote:
> how to downlaod and install kwrite and kate on UBUNTU 6.06 if u r unable
> to connect to internetvia ubuntu
> can we use windows to download kwrite &k ate and then
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