stopping my isp from updating my resolv.conf

bjkeefe ulist at
Thu Sep 28 00:27:32 UTC 2006

mmealman wrote:

> Try editing your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf file and change the

> field to not request domain-name-servers.

Dennis K wrote:

....and add some prepend statements for your own dns servers too :)

Thanks to BrownR, at

and mmealman and Dennis K in this thread, I have (mostly) resolved a
similar problem on my system.  On mine, resolv.conf was being
overwritten upon reboot.  I did this:

o removed the domain-name-servers entry from the request line in

o uncommented the prepend line in dhclient.conf, deleted the
entry, and added two DNS server addresses on this line, separated by a
comma.  (These are the nameservers used by my ISP, so there's no point
in reproducing them here.)  Note that the trailing semi-colon probably
shouldn't be deleted.  (Gurus: is that right?)

Upon reboot, resolv.conf is *almost* what I want.

The last issue: the line "search domain.invalid" still gets written
into  the system-created resolv.conf after reboot.  Any suggestions? 



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