Brian Delaney halfhand at
Wed Sep 27 23:23:01 UTC 2006

Hi all,
         I am going to install Ubuntu on my wifes laptop ( Toshiba 
Satellite 2670DVD ). The problem I have is that everytime I run the Live 
CD ( Dapper Drake ) it boots up fine but when the graphical install bit 
comes the screen completely breaks up and is unreadable. I wondered if 
this is a problem with the live version or that the video card in this 
machine is unsupported. In other words if I install using the 
"Alternative" CD will this problem go away?

 I Did a quick search on the net but the only references I could find 
were for other faults eg: snowy picture etc. Has anybody had any 
experiance with this laptop? If so then any help would be great fully 


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