Paritions to install Ubuntu

Colin Kern razael1 at
Wed Sep 27 19:35:25 UTC 2006

I'm about to do a new install of Ubuntu (I just posted a few minutes
ago about 64-bit processors), and I wanted to ask about paritioning
the hard drive.  Whenever I look at a guide to installing Linux, it
always recommends different partitions for /, /home, and sometimes
others.  They never seem to suggest the size of these partitions,
though.  It seems like partitioning like this would waste disk space,
since you don't know exactly how much space you are going to use for
installed programs as opposed to documents, mp3s, etc.  As a result,
I've always just made a swap partition and then put everything under a
giant partition.  What do other people do?  Is it really worth having
a complicated partitioning scheme?

Colin Kern

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