Ubuntu on Dell PowerEdge 2850

Tom Smith tom71713-ubuntu at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 18:29:12 UTC 2006

techbri wrote:
> I was curious if there have been any updates on any of the issues
> surrounding the PE2850 and Ubuntu. I admit I am a noob to linux so
> compiling a kernel, etc, is going to be difficult if this becomes
> necessary. Essentially, my goal is to install Ubuntu 6.06 server on a
> PE 2850 which has a split backplane Perc 4/DC(same as Perc 4e??). On
> the first channel, it's configured as a raid 1 and the second as a raid
> 5. I want to the boot and swp partitions to exist on the raid 1 and the
> file partition to exist on the raid 5. Any help/advice would be
> appreciated. thanks!
I can't offer you any direct advice here as I've not performed an 
installation on this server before...

However, Dell provides support for Redhat. Thus, you should be able to 
access their knowledge base if you're having any issues getting Ubuntu 
installed on this server. And if you have a warranty, their Linux techs 
should be able to point you in the right direction for resources or 
ideas on solving your issue(s). (I contacted them once on a PE 800 and 
they made a "best effort" attempt to assist with my problem.)

Hope this helps!

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