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just a few notes as the situation itself probably is hard to be
debugged on the distance:

Am Wed, 27 Sep 2006 23:01:04 +0900
schrieb "Craig Hagerman" <craighagerman at>:

> can use it. I have a unique situation. My laptop accesses the LAN
> wirelessly and thinks it has an IP of My Ubuntu box
> accesses the internet via ethernet (on the same modem/router thingy),
> but it thinks it has an external address and doesn't know about the
> internal 192.168.x.x network. Odd that.

I assume that this is some sort of DSL modem? If so, and while knowing
that the modem also acts as a WLAN access point, I suppose that the
Ubuntu PC box gets an IP address automatically assigned via DHCP, which
_should_ be the same network as your laptop has (at least, right this
way it is in most of these situations I have seen so far). From that
point of view, configuration should be rather straightforward as you
indeed _are_ on the same network. 

By the way you should make sure about that: Just open some terminal on
your Ubuntu PC and see what "ifconfig" will tell you.

> What I really want to know is if it is possible to set up a printer on
> Linux that can be accessed by another computer that is NOT on the same
> LAN. (ie. print from the internet) I have tried reading through the
> CUPS documentation but it isn't really newbie user friendly. 

Access control in CUPS is really flexible and allows for both accessing
the CUPS box from several networks and, as well, for restricting access
per host / per subnet / whatever. However, definitely you need to know
the IP address of your CUPS server to do anything meaningful here.
However this is not just about configuring CUPS:

- - If your WLAN notebook and your Ubuntu PC possibly are in different
networks, you need to think about routing (i.o.w. make sure that they
are at least able to "ping" each other).

- - If trying to print from "the internet", you have to make sure that
no firewall or something like that cuts down access to the ports CUPS
needs to offer remote printing (that should be 631, AFAIK). If your
modem / router / whatever does NAT or masquerading or something like
that, you might have to look through its configuration to see how to do
something like port forwarding.

However. You should at first check whether your two machines are on the
same subnet. If so, you're almost safe. ;)


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