adding hosts to server

Mike Bird mgb-ubuntu at
Tue Sep 26 17:03:42 UTC 2006

On Monday 25 September 2006 21:12, Peter Foster wrote:
> Cannot connect a windows machine to ubuntu server. problem seems to be that
> hosts entered n /etc/hosts are not being recognised, hence no machine
> account and samba cannot create account for hosts as they are not seen in
> linux.
> How do I add a computer ? all the info from Ubuntu & samba just indiates
> that hosts should be entered into /etc/hosts file. Clearly this is not
> enough.
> As these are windows machines the host name is generally in capitals - does
> this matter ?

DNS and/or /etc/hosts are important when using kerberos with active
directory but that's not quite the same as machine account creation.

Mention of machine accounts indicates that your samba server is acting as
a domain controller.  You should read Samba Howto Collection, particularly
chapters 4 and 6:

Alternatively, if you don't need domain control, just use a workgroup
instead of a domain and everything is MUCH easier.

--Mike Bird

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