Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

Asgaard ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Tue Sep 26 04:42:56 UTC 2006

jonread1983;1534034 Wrote: 
> Yes! Complete replacement! Although im due to do a short course in Flash
> soon so im not sure whats gonna happen. Might have to set up a windows
> drive to run flash, unless i can find a linux equivilent. 


> :)

or you could setup a windows virtual machine instead, with vmware's
free tools for example.

it can do pretty much everything except 3d and (i think) video.

i'm also looking into getting some sort of remote shell functionality
for windows, either with MS Services for Unix or whatever, so i can rsh
into a windows virtual machine and use windows only tools there from the
command line. i hate windows' shoddy native shell :/

btw i replaced windows on the computer in my room now too. after all a
lot of FPS games run under linux too. the one game i will REALLY miss
is GTA San Andreas... but oh well i need to play less games and
concentrate more on studying anyway.


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