Nvidia driver version mis-match keeps X from running

Alex Janssen alex at ourwoods.org
Mon Sep 25 04:13:29 UTC 2006

I am running 6.0.6LTS on an AMD Athlon 1700+ with an Nvidia Gforce4 
MX440 PCI.  Recently after upgrading via apt-get, I keep having the 
following problem even after a complete removal and reinstall via Synaptic.

The Xorg log shows:
(EE) NVIDIA(0): Version mismatch detected between the NVIDIA X driver 
and the
(EE) NVIDIA(0):     NVIDIA GLX module.  X driver version: 1.0-8774; GLX 
(EE) NVIDIA(0):     version: 1.0-8762.  Please try reinstalling the NVIDIA
(EE) NVIDIA(0):     driver.

X will not start with "nvidia" as the driver.  I am forced to use "nv".  
I am also experiencing lock-ups in X when using Firefox.  Have to kill X 
to fix this.

I don't know why the version mis-match occured.  Everything was working 
fine up to a few weeks ago.

I usually update when the update icon appears on the top panel in Gnome 
and everything works fine.

If this has been answered on this list, my apologies.  I can't seem to 
find where to search the archives.


Charlottesville, Virginia

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