Xgl and compiz

Ulrich Steffens ulrich at barfuss-jerusalem.org
Mon Sep 25 03:20:48 UTC 2006

Am Sonntag, den 24.09.2006, 21:16 +0200 schrieb Alain Muls:
> Hi
> I use KDE v3.5.4 and would like to try Xgl/compiz. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 
> with an ATI Radeon card and fglrx installed. The KDE display settings panel 
> says that I use the propietary driver. What I cannot get installed is 
> compiz-kde
> The following packages have unmet dependencies.
>   compiz-kde: Depends: compiz (= 0.0.2-4ubuntu2) but is to 
> be installed
> E: Broken packages
> How can I get Xgl/compiz installed so that I can counter my Vista-addicted 
> friend with the same (or more?) eye candy just for once?
> -- 
well, the fglrx-driver doesn't support XGL/AIXGL. the only chance to get
this uo and running is using another driver. but that again depends on
your hardware. and sorry to say this, but your vista friend can go suck
it down, cause gnome 2.16 and ubuntu edgy as a whole, are way more
exciting than transparent window borders. 

and for your problem:
if you have a radeon card, then use the 'ati' or 'radeon' driver in your
xorg file. and remember to enable composite. like

Section "Extensions"
        Option "Composite" "Enable"

otherwise, check if your hardware is supported by 'ati' or 'radeon'.
fglrx defintely doesn't support this.


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