Other linux systems are not as easy as Ubuntu - my opinion

Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Mon Sep 25 00:29:30 UTC 2006

09242006 1921 GMT-6

A local business asked (tricked) me into helping me this weekend on
their computer. They said they had linux but what they really has was
Sun Solaris on ix86. Well---- I worked for hours trying to install
Solaris 10 and couldnt get things to work. And the forums for Solaris
are not very good. 

I made a phone call a minute ago saying, "I installed Ubuntu on 8
computers in the time I got through the first set of menus and the thing
crashed. Ill install Ubuntu for you?" 

My point is, while I know Solaris is for a different use, its to darn
difficult to install and therefore, who knows if its good to use. I know
Ubuntu installs fast and easy and its easy to use. 

I think that says it all. 

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