mysql crashing - no log files to assist

Tod Merley todbot88 at
Sat Sep 23 22:43:05 UTC 2006

On 9/22/06, Adam Cripps <kabads at> wrote:
> I have an old machine which has been rock-solid in terms of stability
> for over 200 days, running apache and mysql.
> However, over the last couple of days, mysql has crashed. Where would
> I look to find out what's going wrong? All the /var/log/mysql files
> are empty and so don't help.
> Adam
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Hi Adam Cripps!

I am no expert and even mysql I do not have close to me (but do run it
on a Snort sensor).  I will do the general things and lets hope.

You say "mysql crashes".  How do you know?

In /var/log any of "messages" "syslog" "kern.log" "debug" may have
been talked to by mysql or an associate as the crash occured.  Feel
free and please do poke arround a bit.

If the crash froze the screen you could tty in on another screen
(ctl+alt+F1 - or F2 ... F6 (F7 to X)).

In the mysql config files, you can probably turn on debugging more and
see more messages (and know where they should be!).

Is the database running out of disk space to store things?  Are it's
control files running out of "scratch" space?

Might be interesting to check the processes and see how they be.

Good Hunting!


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