Kubuntu 6.06 , Firefox. install

Rein A. Smit rein0zn at ix.netcom.com
Fri Sep 22 15:20:47 UTC 2006

Roger Haxton wrote:

> On Friday 22 September 2006 00:40, Rein A. Smit wrote:
>>   Hi Tod,
>>Thanks for info.
>>  I am not at the machine with Kubuntu, so will answer
>>whether Firefox is there or not. But I looked for it
>>whether it had been installed with the standard install
>>and did not find it. Could be well my mistake.
>>Let me address the Ubuntu/Kubuntu issue.
>>I wanted to put Ubuntu on an old Pentium 200 MHz with 1024
>>Mb. Again, I knew that would be marginal but did not think
>>it would be THAT marginal. Never got it to work in Xwindows.
>>So then I went to the P4 machine and as my previous experience is
>>with KDE, I decided for the Kubuntu version.
>>I am well aware that there is Office and Spread sheets and tons
>>of other programs. What I intended to say is that if I click on
>>a .pdf or .doc or mp3 or what have you, as an active link in a
>>WEB page, I want the browser to be able to handle that. ( such
>>as open Adobe reader or some .ppt reader, mp3 player etc ) without
>>having to download the file then open Adobe by hand.
>>    http://www.konqueror.org/
>>Konqueror does do these functions I noticed now.
>>Firefox is, as is Netscape and IE with all its other drawbacks.
>>Will get back on whether Firefox is installed or not. If nothing
>>else, on a version to be used on the WEB, I should think that a browser
>>as Firefox, would be listed under "Internet", and it is not in Kubuntu.
> Rein,
> IIRC, Kubuntu doesn't come pre-installed with Firefox as KDE is designed to 
> use Konq rather than some other browser.  Personally, I always start with an 
> Ubuntu install then make sure I have enabled the universe and multiverse 
> repositories then do a sudo aptitude update and sudo aptitude install 
> kubuntu-desktop.  This installs everything that installs with kubuntu into my 
> ubuntu and I now have the choice of GNOME or KDE as my WM.  I have also gone 
> the other way and installed Kubuntu first and then did sudo aptitude install 
> ubuntu-desktop.  Of course if you don't want gnome and everything else that 
> the ubuntu desktop provides, you can do just  sudo aptitude install firefox 
> (thunderbird, etc, etc).  FWIW, adept is the graphical package manager that 
> is installed by default in Kubuntu, but I prefer synaptic, so even if I don't 
> install the entire ubuntu-desktop on my kubuntu machine, I definitely install 
> synaptic for when I want a graphical package manager.  Once you have the 
> universe and multiverse repositories enabled, poke around in there and see 
> everything that is available to install.  Oh, the other nice thing is the 
> add/remove programs from the main kubuntu menu.  When I use the one for KDE, 
> I make sure the drop down box says any suite so I can see both GNOME and KDE 
> packages and check the boxes for unsupported and proprietary software.  Very 
> nice selection that is a snap to download and install.  Another tip as I use 
> my laptop a lot rather than a desktop is I adjust my /etc/apt/sources.list 
> file to comment out the cdrom that way I can install software and it doesn't 
> ever prompt me for the cd as it just downloads everything it needs.  
> Hope this helps your foray into (k)ubuntu as I love it and run it on all my 
> machines.

  Hi Roger,

Thanks for the info and idea's

I decided to start from scratch and loaded Ubuntu. I am not sure what 
happened when I loaded Kubuntu, but this time I had my NIC enabled and
as soon as the loading /installation was ready, Firefox came up with a 
nice help / introduction Ubuntu site. Very Nice! I am not sure why this 
did not happen with Kubuntu.

The installation process is a lot more intuitive and very nice and 
smooth. I haven't tried all your other suggestions but at this point
I am converted!. Indeed it is nice.

I will add the Kubuntu softrware and go from there. Got my Firefox
running fine under Gnome. Have email going as well as FTP and the rest 
should go fine, I hope.

Thanks again, a big help.


Rein Smit.

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