Kubuntu 6.06 , Firefox. install

Roger Haxton rhaxton at swbell.net
Fri Sep 22 18:17:43 UTC 2006

On Friday 22 September 2006 00:40, Rein A. Smit wrote:
>    Hi Tod,
> Thanks for info.
>   I am not at the machine with Kubuntu, so will answer
> whether Firefox is there or not. But I looked for it
> whether it had been installed with the standard install
> and did not find it. Could be well my mistake.
> Let me address the Ubuntu/Kubuntu issue.
> I wanted to put Ubuntu on an old Pentium 200 MHz with 1024
> Mb. Again, I knew that would be marginal but did not think
> it would be THAT marginal. Never got it to work in Xwindows.
> So then I went to the P4 machine and as my previous experience is
> with KDE, I decided for the Kubuntu version.
> I am well aware that there is Office and Spread sheets and tons
> of other programs. What I intended to say is that if I click on
> a .pdf or .doc or mp3 or what have you, as an active link in a
> WEB page, I want the browser to be able to handle that. ( such
> as open Adobe reader or some .ppt reader, mp3 player etc ) without
> having to download the file then open Adobe by hand.
>     http://www.konqueror.org/
> Konqueror does do these functions I noticed now.
> Firefox is, as is Netscape and IE with all its other drawbacks.
> Will get back on whether Firefox is installed or not. If nothing
> else, on a version to be used on the WEB, I should think that a browser
> as Firefox, would be listed under "Internet", and it is not in Kubuntu.


IIRC, Kubuntu doesn't come pre-installed with Firefox as KDE is designed to 
use Konq rather than some other browser.  Personally, I always start with an 
Ubuntu install then make sure I have enabled the universe and multiverse 
repositories then do a sudo aptitude update and sudo aptitude install 
kubuntu-desktop.  This installs everything that installs with kubuntu into my 
ubuntu and I now have the choice of GNOME or KDE as my WM.  I have also gone 
the other way and installed Kubuntu first and then did sudo aptitude install 
ubuntu-desktop.  Of course if you don't want gnome and everything else that 
the ubuntu desktop provides, you can do just  sudo aptitude install firefox 
(thunderbird, etc, etc).  FWIW, adept is the graphical package manager that 
is installed by default in Kubuntu, but I prefer synaptic, so even if I don't 
install the entire ubuntu-desktop on my kubuntu machine, I definitely install 
synaptic for when I want a graphical package manager.  Once you have the 
universe and multiverse repositories enabled, poke around in there and see 
everything that is available to install.  Oh, the other nice thing is the 
add/remove programs from the main kubuntu menu.  When I use the one for KDE, 
I make sure the drop down box says any suite so I can see both GNOME and KDE 
packages and check the boxes for unsupported and proprietary software.  Very 
nice selection that is a snap to download and install.  Another tip as I use 
my laptop a lot rather than a desktop is I adjust my /etc/apt/sources.list 
file to comment out the cdrom that way I can install software and it doesn't 
ever prompt me for the cd as it just downloads everything it needs.  

Hope this helps your foray into (k)ubuntu as I love it and run it on all my 

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