Kubuntu 6.06 , Firefox. install

Rein A. Smit rein0zn at ix.netcom.com
Fri Sep 22 04:28:14 UTC 2006

    Hi Tod,

Thanks for answering.

Let me make first some observations.

I guess, you are right on the Browser. I have been using Firefox
on all my windows machines and had it also, I believe, at one time
on a Debian or SuSe10.2 machine. If I remember well, it came as part
of the installation.

I have here some 1600 pages from three Linux books and out of those
1600 pages text, there are as much as 5 pages on Firefox, nothing
on installation what so ever. Just wondering why that is.

Also I thought that Firefox came out of the Linux world so to say.
But that appears not to be true.

I really like to get a Linux machine that will do all the tricks
I want while serving, pdf's, doc's ppt's, sound formats, image formats
etc etc. This is what I have with here Netscape7.2 on my windows 
machines I never have used Explorer on the WEB.

Here is the "flame" part. I would think that if Ubuntu is or were
such a replacement for XP or even Win98 that I am still using here,
these capabilities would be part of Ubuntu or would be easy to add
or integrate?

My computer here, dedicated for Linux, is a P4 with 256 MB at
the moment, will get 512 or even 1024. It works fine with

Kubuntu, the for free CD installed in 20 minutes or so.

Looking forward to your reply.


Rein Smit

Tod Merley wrote:
> On 9/21/06, Rein A. Smit <rein0zn at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I tried to install Firefox with the above procedure.
>>When extracting:  tar -C etc etc
>>I get a display full of garbage and this goes on for over 30 minutes....
>>plus lots of Hard drive activity.
>>Obvious something not working. Any idea's, please?
>>Is this a viable procedure for Kubuntu?
>>Has anybody been able to install firefox in Kubuntu?
>>Rein Smit
>>ubuntu-users mailing list
>>ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com
> Hi Rein A. Smit!
> What hardware are you trying this on?
> Why do you want to do that?
> I note that the version numbers in the tutorial are a few versions
> back.  I wonder if the Ubuntu current is "just as fast" as the
> separate build.
> Seems like a lot of trouble for little gain.
> Anyway, lets start with HW and go through the SW versions as we go.
> Good Hunting!
> Tod

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