Network cards get different numbers

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On 9/22/06, Erling Ringen Elvsrud <systemansvarlig at>
> Hello,
> I have 14 identical Dell latitude D505 machines. The problem is that the
> network interfaces get different numbers from machine to machine.
> For instance on one machine the wired ethernet interface is eth1 and the
> wireless interface is eth2
> On a different machine the wireless is eth3 and the wired eth2
> This is very frustrating when I update the machines with ghost for unix
> as the interface numbers in /etc/network/interfaces get all wrong. Is it
> possible to force the wired to be eth0 and the wireless to eth1?
> Best regards,
> Erling Ringen Elvsrud
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I have seen this before and seems that the reason had to do with the way the
PCI controlled discovered cards in slots..

Someone will have a better idea?

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