Internet by call configuration in Kubuntu 6.06.1

anton antonxx at
Fri Sep 22 09:35:05 UTC 2006


I have installed Kubuntu 6.06.1 on my PC which has a normal
modem connected at the serial com port.

Actually I don't get kppp work.

1. When I start kppp I get 
   "resolv.conf is missing please create even an empty one"

2. I create an empty resolv.conf the warning goes away

3. I tell kppp that my modem is at ttyS0 (since Kubuntu
   does not set a modem device or whatever)
   He finds the modem OK

4. I ad my internet-by-call provider which is freenet here 
   in germany:

   - Tel. no 019231760

   - username: not important

   - password: not important

5. I try to connect ... my modem dials, I hear the beeping/feeping
   ... then he says connected and interrupts the communication.

6. I try all authorisation/identification possibilities:

   dont remember I am at my WinXP PC now writing this post :-(

7. If I use  hmmm PAP or CHAT I am no more sure I get an
   error 1 from kppp 
   ( in the man page this tell  me that
   it is an internal error ... so no idea what this means)

8. I made a test with *Ubuntu 6.06* (NOT Kubuntu)
   - I start from the live cd
   - I ask to search my modem automatically, it works
   - I add my provider data ( the same then before)
   - I say aktivate ppp0 (? dont remember exactly)
   - IT WORKS !! I start firefox and surf here and there :-)


 Kubuntu seems to be badly preconfigured in this ares 
( I had the same problem with Kubuntu 6.06 but it seems that this
  has not been fixed or perhaps modem's are no more supported by Kubuntu)

Is here somebody which did it make??

Or can you tell me a link with an example (googeling around is only
frustrating, I find a lot of information but not what I am searching)



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