transparency of gnome console

Alan McKinnon alan at
Fri Sep 22 08:49:23 UTC 2006

On Friday 22 September 2006 10:07, Marco wrote:
> Hello,
> I set the profile of gnome console to transparent because I
> want to read what's in the covered window. But the
> transparency does not display any other windows but just the
> background image of the desktop. Why?

Because that's how "transparency" works when implemented by the 
app. It's not true transparency, the app simply reads the 
contents of the root window (i.e. desktop background) and uses 
it for it's own background.

If you want true transparency, it must be done by the X server, 
not the app and you need the latest greatest stuff being done 
in that area: Xgl and Compiz, or AIXGL

Google for it, or look on the wiki


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