Photoshop and Dreamweaver ARE not neccessary

Lee Tambiah l_tambiah at
Fri Sep 22 08:01:38 UTC 2006

> When Photoshop and Dreamweaver work under WINE then I will formaly put a
> shoe on Windows.  But until then, no shoe.
> On 9/21/06, louistan3 <ulist at> wrote:
> >
> >
> > i only have ubuntu on my PC.. but it just broke down and i am planning
> > to buy new hardware.... and its still goin to be ubuntu.. :D
> >
> >
> > --

Why do you need to rely on these applications, I once used these tools, now I don't! Dreamweaver isn't the greatest thing in my opinion many users lack coding experience and rely to much on gui features. Many newbies with Dreamweaver end up with javascript everywhere in there code and don't know how it got there or what it does. TRUE webhackers can code without wysiwig and create good clean code. As for photoshop, the GIMP does cut most features, it's just a little harder to use. There is also a program called pixel whilst I don't encourage closed source, for £20.00 Pixel delivers everything Photoshop does and if not more. Its a good price and offers you updates upto 2.0 version.

Newbies must understand that that proprietry sofware denies our freedom we use open source and free software to combat these issues. 


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