installing gnome development packages

Marco marco.mandl at
Thu Sep 21 22:47:40 UTC 2006


I want to compile the corrent version of mail-notification (3.0). Therefore
I wanted to install gnome-core-devel and had to recognize that there seems
to be a conflict in the current dapper repositories.

First the version of libgnomevfs2-0 is higher then of libgnomevfs2-dev. I
manually installed the matching version of libgnomevfs2-dev from

Then I found out that there seems to be a conflict between e2fsprogs and the
require hurd.

I checked that I only have the dapper repos in my sourcelist and I made an
apt-get update. I only have dapper packages installed and a few packages
which don't even exist in dapper.

What else can be wrong with my system? Or is it simple an error in the


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