Newby ? How to use Search

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Thu Sep 21 17:23:27 UTC 2006

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:08:33 -0500
mtyoung <tuxman at> wrote:

> I'm researching Beagle now. The info is bit conflicted. Some hints that 
> it's included in the latest Gnome desktop as part of Ubuntu, and other 
> info says that Nautilus will use Beagle if it's installed.
> Anyone have a definitive answer?

This isn't definitive, but I have a fresh Dapper install here and just
tried the Nautilus search function...

I searched on a plainly visible directory "irclogs" ( just that search
term). Nautilus proceeded to take *more than a minute* to find it.... :(

Beagle is not installed.

So, maybe it is working, but taking forever.... nautilus was using between
50 and 70% CPU for all that time. Can't say I was impressed - I'm used to
using "locate" "grep" and "find" from the command line, and this strikes me
as absurd...

I had beagle installed on a previous system, and it certainly was *much*
quicker. I personally found it superfluous, but I can see that having it
is preferable if you want quick search results in the GUI.


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