gtk replacement for kalarm & klipper

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Thu Sep 21 16:59:10 UTC 2006

--- JimD <jimdageek at> wrote:

> I searched and could not find any kalarm-like
> replacement under the latest gnome.  However, I 
> would think there has to be something out there.

If there is, I've not found it.  And, I've looked very
hard.  Cron and anacron and whatever daemon
gnome-schedule uses sure aren't the answer.  I've
tried every combination I can think of to get a simple
"Hello, world!" shell script to run at a set time
without success ..

> Do you use Evolution for your email?  That has a
> very good calendar app that integrates with the 
> gnome clock.  Clicking on the gnome clock
> will display the calendar and will check with
> Evolution to see if you have any appointments 
> entered.  In Evolution you can create "alarms"
> as appointments and be notified by them.  I guess it
> would be just as good as kalarm?

That's a great tip to know, and I will check it out. 
I'd also like to point out that looking for kalarm
substitutes for Gnome is reall unnecessary, since
kalarm itself appears to run fine under Gnome.  You
don't get the little clock in the taskbar, but
everything else that I need is there and works just
like it does in KDE.

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