Newby ? How to use Search

mtyoung tuxman at
Thu Sep 21 14:26:43 UTC 2006

I'm researching Beagle now. It seems to reference "Breezy", I'm running 
"Ubuntu 6.06 LTS - the Dapper Drake" if that makes a difference.

Is there an index that has to be built first before the Search will work?

Found this link I'd thought I'd share.

I did the Easy Ubuntu install, and enabled the other repositories.

In Applications Add/Remove I only find Kerry Beagle, which appears to be 
only a front end for Beagle.

What's the difference between using Add/Remove and the 
System/Administration/Synopic Package Manager?
Okay, there's one difference, I found and marked Beagle for install and 
then I get a window to mark 12 more file to change. That's given me 
pause. I'm holding off for now. Did I miss something in the Add/Remove 

G'day Ken, how did you install Beagle?


Ken McLennan wrote:
> G'day there Peoples,
>>> I click the "Computer" icon to open the File Manager, click the search 
>>> icon, the entry field appears, I enter the search term (example "grub") 
>>> then press the Enter key.
>>> This is new install.
>> Doesn't work here either. No idea why.  Needs Beagle maybe?
> 	I dunno whether Beagle is the reason or not, but I HAVE Beagle
> installed and the search works for me. So that could well be it.
> See ya
> Ken McLennan
> Qld, Australia

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