Wispy on Ubuntu

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au
Thu Sep 21 11:34:12 UTC 2006

On Thu, 21 Sep 2006 06:51:16 +0200
Jean Gruneberg <kaosboss at gmail.com> wrote:

> Peter
> > In this case you probably want 
> >  $ apt-cache search libgtk2 dev gtk+
> > [ various gtk2 perl and other irrelevant bits snipped]
> >  libgtk2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library
> > ^^^^^^^^
> >   
> Thanks, that sorted the GTK2.0+ errors.  So compile goes smoothly, when 
> I run make i get
> *** No rule to make target 'wispy_gtk.o', needed by 'wispy_gtk', Stop
Hmm. I suggest you try the following: ( I've put in a couple of packages
that ./configure complains about here, to save you the trouble of tracking
them down)

1)   sudo aptitude install libusb-dev libncurses5-dev
2)  sudo aptitude install subversion
3)  svn co http://svn.kismetwireless.net/code/tools/wispy wispy-tools
## This will grab the "subversion"  (svn) code for you from the URL )
4) You should now have a directory "wispy-tools" in your working directory
( to keep things neat you might want to make yourself a "build" directory
from which to run the above commands. The wispy-tools directory will
appear in the dir from which you run the svn command above ) Now:

cd wispy-tools

This completed without error here. I don't have the USB device so
wispy_gtk won't run - but it should work for you, I assume. You can test
it from the build directory you are already in, after the
"make" step, with ./wispy_gtk , before you do the final install step.

5) I also suggest you install the "checkinstall" utility, which will make
a .deb package for you and install it ( easier to uninstall if you need to
do so) If you do that, then  the final step, instead of

sudo make install                   becomes
sudo checkinstall

Let us know how it goes....


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