Dapper: How to install my PDA Clié 4.0

Ylan Segal ylan.segal at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 04:15:59 UTC 2006

eldragon wrote:

> well, im having this same problem
> gnome-pilot kills the keyboard.
> jpilot doesnt do anything
> kpilot syncs a couple of times, then it just locks the port untill i
> reboot. rebooting locks during 'stopping bluetooth devices', something
> i dont have: a bluetooth port.
> my palm is a clie t665c, any input will be much appreciated since its
> the only thing keeping me from the format c: command ;)

I am afraid I can't be of much help and don't have much time right now to
dwell on this (and only get a few minutes every few days to check this

I also have the clie t665c and I use it with Kpilot. Sometimes it syncs
multiple times, sometimes just once. Sometimes it kills the keyboard and
also sometimes after synching makes the shutdown process stall. 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to correlate when all of those happens and
haven't been able to do a proper troubleshooting for lack of time. 

I did have a hunch that it was related to the udev rules that do not set up
the palm to /dev/pilot (instead I am using /dev/ttyUSB0), but I haven't
followed up on it. 

Sorry, this might no be of much help you, but it's all I've got.


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