gtk replacement for kalarm & klipper

Thilo Six T.Six at
Wed Sep 20 19:27:47 UTC 2006

Dieter Schicker wrote the following on 20.09.2006 00:14:


> Try package "sanduhr". It's still in GTK1.0 - that's why it looks ugly
> but it works ... ;-)
> Cheers
> Dieter

Thanks for your tip, but sanduhr is not what i wanted. sadly.
Lets say i have three alarms one for today, one for tomorrow and one for
next week (i even do not if it possibly with sanduhr, since it help
files had a problem scrollkeeper) it would clutter up my desktop with
with unmovable "sanduhr"en ;) .

any other idea about a replacement for kalarm?

Thx Thilo
i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
- some friend of mine

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