Ubuntu and WinXP

Duncan Lithgow duncan at lithgow-schmidt.dk
Wed Sep 20 18:08:33 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 23:10 +0930, squareyes wrote:
> >
> > to get a root terminal, I think it's the same from an Ubuntu Live CD.
> >
> > Duncan
> >   
> Hi Duncan
> unfortunately his drive is ntfs, and I did run as root. with Knoppix.
> I think that ad-a-ware may now have removed it for him. I am just curious
> as to how problems such as this can be attacked..
If you were root you should have been able to delete whatever you found.
I'm pretty sure knoppix and kanotix have basic ntfs support.

Prevention is better than cure - if you can't get them to install linux,
then tell them they need a good firewall, anti-spyware, anti virus and
browser protection. Then help them set it up, all the while mentioning
that this is all either built into or not needed for linux. Stress that
they must be responsible about keeping all those bits up to date,
otherswise they're infecting their friends computers.
> Better that I know how,
> no one else in town does :-)
> Many thanks for the help .
> Take Care
> Winton
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