VLAN without an alias?

nodata ubuntu at nodata.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 16:15:11 UTC 2006

Am Montag, den 18.09.2006, 21:45 -0700 schrieb Felipe Alfaro Solana:
> > > So, I don't know how to assign/process traffic for a specific VLAN
> > > without using subinterfaces (that is, using vconfig). Why do you want
> > > to assign VLAN traffic to a physical interface instead of using
> > > subinterfaces?
> >
> > Whoa careful, the "why" question will turn into the "why don't you.."
> > question soon :)
> >
> > If all traffic needs to be tagged with a given vlan id, then it should be
> > possible for all traffic using eth0 to be tagged with that vlan id.
> I don't understand.
> If you want _all_ traffic to get tagged with the same VLAN ID, the
> only thing you need to do is configuring the switch port in access
> mode and attach it to the correct VLAN. In Cisco IOS you will use
> something like this:
> # config terminal
> # interface FastEthernet 0/23
> # switchport mode access
> # switchport access vlan 23
> This will configure port 23 in the switch in access mode and into VLAN 23.
> Else, you are targeting several VLANs using a single NIC. In this
> case, you configure the switch port in trunking mode
> # config terminal
> # interface FastEthernet 0/23
> # switchport mode trunk
> and every VLAN is (usually) on a different network, so I don't see how
> you plan on sending traffic to different networks using eth0. Usually
> there is a 1-1 map of VLAN-network so, in the end, you have one
> subinterface (related to eth0) for each VLAN.
> Am I missing something?

Yes, we've gone a bit off topic, into "why I want to do it", not "how do
I do it".

You can do this in RHEL easily using the network scripts.

In my case, I need all vlan traffic tagged on eth0 on the host because
it shares a switch with other VMs that already have their traffic
tagged. To treat one port differently would mean an exception, and I
like to avoid those.

Can Ubuntu tag all traffic on eth0?

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