Edgy is HOSED (initramfs?)

Scott geekboy at angrykeyboarder.com
Wed Sep 20 15:39:32 UTC 2006

I've been running Edgy for a few weeks now.  Over the past week Usplash 
upgrades have gotten a bit messy.  So messy that I could no longer boot 
and I didn't know what else to do  So, I decided just to start over from 
scratch.  So I downloaded the latest CD Image (as of 19 September ) 
burned and did a fresh install.

After the install did an apt-get update which updated dozens of apps.  I 
noted the kernel, uspash and X were among them. So I rebooted.

Upon rebooting I was thrown back at the same screen I had last seen in 
the previous install.

After Usplash I'm thrown into a BusyBox shell.

Then it says

  "can't access tty; job control off"

I have no idea what to do now (besides staying away from Edgy till it's 
released that is). The problem doesn't appear to be on my end, based on 
what's been going on.

On the other hand, I'm surprised I'd not yet seen it mentioned here.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions...

Help? ;-)

I don't mind testing at all. I enjoy it. So if I can get it running 
again, that would be cool.

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