VisIt with (k)ubuntu

manati3 ulist at
Wed Sep 20 12:42:19 UTC 2006


I have a brand new kubuntu running and cannot start VisIt
( The Error is:


Running: gui1.5.3

Running: viewer1.5.3 -host bermuda -geometry 872x768+408+0 -borders
22,4,4,4 -shift 4,22 -preshift 0,0 -defer -port 5600

Running: mdserver1.5.3 -host bermuda -port 5601

VisIt's viewer exited abnormally! Aborting the Graphical User
Interface. VisIt's developers may be reached at "visit-help at".


vtk, mesa, qt etc. are installed. Did anyone have similar problems and
a simple solution? I tried to compile the sources as well, but failed
because iit seems to depend upon fix versions of gcc and certain
libraries. So if anybody is willing and able to build a .deb package,
it's certainly not only me who'd be happy to hack 'apt-get install
visit' and find everything working ;-)

Cheers, Steffen


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