Sometimes Evince. Sometimes Adobe Reader

marc gmane at
Wed Sep 20 11:52:34 UTC 2006

Santiago Erquicia said...
> 2006/9/19, marc <gmane at>:
> >
> > I'm not clear what you mean by: "Adobe Reader cannot access Samba
> > shares", since the problem does not occur in KDE. Adobe Reader shouldn't
> > have to use a specific protocol; that's what the intervening layers
> > between the file and app are for.
> >
> Adobe Reader doesn't use gnome-vfs so it cannot read a file from a
> network filesystem such as SMB or NFS without those resources being
> mounted to a directory.

I accept that Adobe Reader doesn't use gnome-vfs - and I'm really quite 
delighted by that in this day and age - because an app shouldn't be tied 
to a protocol (unless that is its function, of course).

Now, if you are asking whether the file is accessible over Samba, then 
yes, as I said in my OP. In any case, Evince wouldn't open it if this 
were not the case, and Nautilus wouldn't allow me to navigate to the 
file's location.

> If KDE file manager can open the file, the problem should be something
> else and not gnome-vfs, given that KDE uses kio stuff to access
> network resources and Adobe Reader doesn't use them either.

I can load other file managers (e.g. Krudsader and Konqueror) in Gnome 
and access the file in the manner that I would expect; namely that it 
opens in Adobe Reader. So, the issue is with Nautilus.
> Is the samba share mounted to a directory?

No, I'm not using smbmount in this case, but simply a desktop link to


Okay, as a test, I created a directory and mounted the samba share via 
smbmount - what a kerfuffle - and then navigated to the directory with 
the samba mount in Nautilus. In this case, the file opens, as one would 
expect, in Adobe Reader.

I'll file this as a Nautilus bug.


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