ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 25, Issue 206

Alain Muls alain.muls at telenet.be
Wed Sep 20 10:23:01 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 11:18, ubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com 
> > After moving my music
> > collection onto a new file-server and mounted the network folder using
> > smbfs on my local machine, Amarok won't build a collection from it.
> I guess it depends on what kind of network drive. I am doing this with
> NFS shares and amarok has no trouble scanning the collection.

I have a similar problem. I use a smb mounted external HD. Amarok has no 
problem scanning the music collection, but at every reboot, I have to 
instruct amarok to rescan the collection. It seems that the data is not kept 
in its database. How to make this database persistent? And where is it 




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