Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Alan McKinnon alan at
Wed Sep 20 10:12:54 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 10:12, NewbieLearnLinux wrote:
> I'm facing a similar problem.
> I installed Windoze XP on hdc1, and then Ubuntu on hdd1 (swap
> is hdd2), with UbuntuGRUB on MBR (hd0) , I think . then I
> installed FC4 on hdd5, with FC-GRUB on first sector of FC's
> root (hdd5) .
> And when I reboot I can't find how to boot to FC, the Grub
> menu is UbuntuGRUB , like before I installed FC4 . And the
> hdd6 (vfat) , hdd7 (ntfs) is not mounted properly .

If I read it correctly, at boot the machine will load 
UbuntuGrub. The way you have it set up you need to boot FC the 
same way you'd boot windows, by chainloading to FCGrub. This 
basically means that grub won't load a kernel as normal, but 
will instead go to FCs partition and load the grub it finds 
there. In Ubuntu's /boot/grub/menu.lst, you need this stanza:

title	Fedora Core 4
root	(hd1,6)
chainloader +1

To fix the ntfs mount, you probably need to add entries to each 
Linux system's /etc/fstab. What is the issue that you are 
having? Saying "doesn't mount properly" doesn't tell us very 


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