Has Ubuntu Replaced Windows on Your Box?

Gayal gayal.rupasinghe at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 09:55:49 UTC 2006

Nope and I doubt it ever will. Im a student who make use of both windows and
Linux. I have FC5, Slackware and Ubuntu in my Linux partitions.  I enjoy
Windows and UNIX based systems. But its not a reason for me too convince
another person that windows is much better than Linux. The main reason i use
Windows is  my uni projects are running on .NET environment. And if ur Linux
project is not working on Staff MS environment you ll get less mark. (That's
again because windows is not supporting the FOSS apps even a single shared
file extension) Sometimes when u really don't know what to do with ur
projects i prefer reverse engineering. Linux helped me to do this easily.
But if ur using Python applications or C applications its always better to
use in a Linux environment which allows u to compile it according to ur

Im no mean a anti-MS but think...How many times have u got this msg while
working in ur PC
"The program is not responding, Please tell Microsoft about this problem"
I haven't got a single msg like while working on Linux and i rarely reboot
my linux box.

I do programming for both.  I believe they both have their place and I
intend to keep using both.
I use Ubuntu often coz it made me work alot with the GNOM :)
I also started using Kubuntu Live CD which is good and matured to Ubuntu.
But still Linux is in ahead compared to MS in Servers...within a history of
15 years.

Gayal Rupasinghe
"The willingness to make a commitment even when results are unknown."
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