an awful problem, disc space is disappearing

Graham Watkins graham_gingecat at
Wed Sep 20 09:50:16 UTC 2006

Gabriel M Dragffy wrote:
> This morning my root partition was 6gb large and had 49% free space.
> This evening I was trying to install the game supertux and found there
> was no disc space. I'm using a simple desktop installation. I have
> apache and proftp installed and running but a firewall blocks remote
> connections to them. Something just ate about 3gb in one day and I
> didn't do anything to warrant that. Furthermore only yesterday I had the
> same problem but I put it down to a power failure, I ended up deleting
> all my LVs, my PV, VG and the partition and restoring.  How do I find
> out where my 3GB went? And then find what took it and why?
I've had similar experiences in another distro.  The problem seemed to 
be due to temp files created when I had a lot of files open with Open 
Office.  A good place to start looking will be any /temp or /tmp folders 
you have. 

A program I have found useful is fsv which gives a graphical 
representation of the contents of your system and will indicate if any 
folders have grown suspiciously large.

Hope this helps.


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