strange cursor behavior in gnome terminal

Marco marco.mandl at
Tue Sep 19 23:04:49 UTC 2006

Marius Gedminas wrote:

> I've seent his problem.  The cause was my $PS1 setting in my ~/.bashrc
> file: I had some xterm escape sequences to set the window title.  I
> removed the escapes from $PS1 and instead added a $PROMPT_COMMAND to
> do the same thing (copy & paste from /etc/skel.bashrc), and the irritating
> cursor jumping disappeared.

Thank you Marius, it seems to be the right way. Would you please help me to
optimize it.

I like to have a short prompt, e.g. a green $ for a normal user. And I would
like to set the console title to user at machine/path. With the escape
sequences I had this in Konsole sessions. But I don't know how to achieve
it with the $PROMPT_COMMAND.


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