gdm conflicts with bash_completion.d

Marco marco.mandl at
Tue Sep 19 22:26:11 UTC 2006

Marius Gedminas wrote:

> You're probably sourcing your ~/.bashrc from ~/.xsession or from
> ~/.gnomerc, and you're probably sourcing /etc/bash_completion from
> ~/.bashrc.

I have no .gnomerc and .xsession is empty.
> GDM executes the session script under /bin/sh, which is not necessarily
> bash.  /bin/sh may barf on bash-specific commands such as those found in
> /etc/bash_completion.  If it barfs, your xsession script gets terminated
> and you cannot log in.

/bin/sh links to bash

> and in my ~/.bashrc (which is sourced from ~/.bash_profile) I have
>   # If not running interactively, don't do anything
>   [ -z "$PS1" ] && return

That's what I have, too.

Any other ideas?


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