modem detection

ac "aec$news" at
Tue Sep 19 17:52:40 UTC 2006

housam marzouk wrote:
> good day,
> I'm new to ubontu and just installed it on my pc together with win xp. I
> found it very interesting and excellent os. I've only one problem, i
> can't connect to the internet through ubuntu. the system can not
> autodetect the modem. I'm using a Generic soft K56 data fax modem. can
> any one help me solving this problem or should I install an external
> modem and which type suitable to purchase.

I have only a limited experience with a laptop internal modem and a
couple of PC internal modems. I am not very experienced and I had no
success with any internal modem. However, I obtained a basic no frills
external (serial) modem and it was easy to configure - on several
different PCs. I also tried a cheap usb 56k modem, but it was a
hopeless task it seemed and I gave up. For the record I also tried a
usb to serial converter unit to connect a laptop without a serial
socket to an external serial modem. It was not difficult to configure,
but the result was quite slow. I guess the conversion unit was doing
its best.


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